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ABOUT The Event

The "4th GCC Operational Technology Security Forum and Industrial cyber Security Workshop “ which will be held on the 25th - 29th November 2018 in Al Khobar ,Saudi Arabia. The theme of the event will be “Building a Resilient ICS Infrastructure”

The event consists of a 3 day workshop from 25th to 27th November 2018 followed by a two day conference on 28th and 29th of November 2018. For the workshop we are expecting around 100 + attendees and for the conference & exhibition where we are expecting 300 + attendees and 10 - 20 Sponsors and exhibitors.

The GCC region in the past has seen some of the worst cyber-attacks globally, and this will definitely not be the last! The situation creates a huge responsibility on us as ICS professionals to ensure the safety and security of these critical assets to ensure the safety of human lives, the environment and the economy of the country.

With this objective in mind, we present the 4th GCC Operational Technology Security Forum, built around the theme of

The forum will provide an excellent platform for the industry peers to network and exchange notes with each other. It is a springboard for young emerging professionals in the industry to hear and learn from the distilled experience of seasoned experts and industry professionals across the Middle East region.

A highly recommended event for professional from IT, IT Security, OT Security, Instrumentation, Plant Operations and Security, ICS and Risks teams to get abreast on the latest threats, trends and technology regarding the Operational Technology (ICS) Security.

On behalf of the entire team, we look forward to hosting you AT Al Khobar in November